Portfolio Management

We offer two series of strategic portfolios with asset allocations that span the risk spectrum – from conservative fixed income portfolios to aggressive equity portfolios.

  • Institutional – For qualified, tax deferred accounts or individuals not concerned about taxes
  • Tax Sensitive – For accounts concerned with minimizing taxes

Both portfolio series are:

  • Constructed with a foundation in Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Globally diversified
  • Implemented using low cost index funds
  • Totally liquid
  • Tax efficient.

Our on-going portfolio management process works to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary and unrewarded risks
  • Oversee the fund managers
  • Rebalance the portfolios each quarter to maintain their volatility/risk mandate

The Structure of  Our Portfolios

Delivers the broadest possible diversification – sustained over the longest possible time horizon – operated at the lowest possible cost with optimal tax efficiency – thereby assuring the highest possible share of whatever investment returns our financial markets are generous enough to provide