Our Defined, Disciplined Process 

Step 1: Develop a Strategic Plan

Your personal profile drives the investment of your assets

  • Evaluate current financial situation
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Define your time frame
  • Establish your tolerance for volatility/risk
  • Address tax implications

Step 2: Set Your Asset Allocation Policy

Asset Allocation Policy

Step 3: Build Your Portfolio

  • Proven investment management principles
  • Globally diversified
  • Implemented with low cost index funds
  • Tax efficient
  • Liquid

Step 4: Continuous Portfolio Management

  • Quarterly portfolio rebalancing maintains  the volatility/risk mandate
  • Risk management eliminates unnecessary and unrewarded risks
  • Manager oversight—process,  people, cost and performance

Step 5: Recurring Counsel & Reporting

  • Monitor your plan
  • Behavioral coaching
  • Advise on the evolution of your plan
  • Comprehensive reporting package
    – Quarterly activity and performance statement
    – Annual tax reports
    – Online account access

The End Result

  • Increased probability of achieving a rate of return consistent with the level of risk taken
  • Increased probability you will achieve your goals and objectives
  • Greater peace of mind

A Process Tested and Proven in Real Time