We provide proven, comprehensive solutions for a wide range of investor goals and objectives.  No matter whether you are conservative seeking capital preservation, or more aggressively seeking capital growth, our role is to help you navigate the twists and turns of the markets, of life, and your emotions.

We take our clients through a process that develops a strategic plan that addresses their needs and answers their questions.  We develop an investment strategy, built with the long haul in mind, that will keep in step as their life evolves. Rather than the daily gyrations of the stock market, we believe clients should focus on what can be controlled – costs, taxes, and emotions.

Grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory, our defined, disciplined investment process uses proven investment management principles and risk management techniques to build globally diversified investment portfolios. Our portfolios span the spectrum of risk, are totally liquid, and are tax efficient. Not only can we meet a variety of risk tolerances and investor objectives, we have the flexibility to adapt to the changes in the client’s life. Disclosure and transparency are paramount to our client relationships.

“Our goal is to help each client make sound financial decisions and become a successful investor.”

Rollyn L. Wild, President & CEO

We serve all types of clients, including:

Individuals, Trusts, IRAs (Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, Inherited, Rollover), Retirement Plans (401k, Defined Benefit, Money Purchase, Profit Sharing, 403b), Nonprofits, Foundations and Endowments, and Estates.

If you are looking for a more coherent, transparent approach to managing your wealth, please contact one of our advisers or strategic partners.